Pravda vítězí, Truth Prevails: Historic Centre of Prague

Pravda vítězí, Truth Prevails: Historic Centre of Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. The people of the city see its castle as not a monument of the past but as still very much in use. It lives in their hearts. There is a Gothic cathedral in the castle grounds. St. Vituss Cathedral took 600 years to complete. It is built on the burial site of King Václav who reigned in the 10th century. The bishop here carries King Václavs skull. Václav is regarded as a patron saint who resisted outside invasion and is said to appear on a white horse in times of national crisis.

A statue of Charles IV who reigned in the 14th century stands directly above the cathedral altar. He ordered the construction of the Cathedral and the city of Prague. But the city became a victim of religious and international disputes and it was only after the First World War that people were able to win back their independence.

The castle was used for the Office of the first President, Thomas Masaryk. He ensured that the castle was open to its citizens. The castles Great Hall was built by the Hapsburgs of Austria History swept by – The Hall saw Hitlers invasion and served as the venue for the Communist National Party Assembly during the post-war years. Soviet troops crushed Czechoslovakias liberation movement during the Prague Spring of 1968. Then, in 1989, half a million citizens took to the streets calling for freedom. The Velvet Revolution liberated Czechoslovakia without bloodshed. Václav Havel was the leader of the movement for democracy. The crowds sent their President to the castle, and the Castle was returned to the Czech people. The words mean: Truth prevails The flag expresses the hopes and beliefs of the people of Prague.

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